Transforming TV Screens into Effective Engagement Machines

How it Works

  • 1. Create

    Create playlists in few clicks and manage all your screens in real-time through your Signbees Dashboard using any browser on PC or Tablet.

  • 2. Distribute

    Manage, distibute and Update content on your screens on the fly whereever they are located in real time.

Signbees content manager

User friendly web-interface to manage all your screens in real-time with actionable insights.

Free Apps

Use our social media, information, and entertainment apps to publish feeds, broadcast popular news and infotainment channels.

We constantly expand this section with interesting and useful apps, watch this space for updates.

Available Apps

Coming Soon

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Why Choose Signbees?

Cloud Based Software
One login at accessible from anywhere. Automatic free software updates, zero software infrastructure to maintain and software that works wherever and whenever you work
Whether it’s 3 or 300. If you have multiple screens you need a clever way to manage every one of them. Our drag & drop interface turns the complex task of publishing local and global playlists simultaneously into a simple task.
Simple, scalable
Signbees helps businesses to turn any TV into a dynamic digital signage with limited or no hardware. Having access to our centralized platform, you can add more screens based on your requirements with a breeze.
No hidden fees, no surprises
Buy with confidence! Our pricing model is simple, straightforward and completely transparent. You buy the subscription and pay a flat monthly/annual fee. That’s it! There are no “content change fees” or “hosting fees”
Lower deployment costs
Getting started with digital signage used to be an IT challenge and a business owner’s nightmare. Signbees helps you reduce deployment costs and dramatically simplify a national roll out.
Highly reliable
Our solution is built to reduce external factor influence to the limits. Nothing to panic when the screen goes offline. Your screens will playback a chosen content in offline mode.

We take great care of our users and work alongside you each step of the way to ensure success.

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