Create playlists in few clicks and manage all your screens in real-time through your Signbees Dashboard using any browser on PC or Tablet.

Totally in the cloud without the need to install

Set-up in less than 1minute

Content publication and update in just 2 clicks

Your own corporate channel without the help of any third party

Easy-to- use software and highly responsive controls to help
you achieve your communication goals.

Create and Manage Content

  • Create & edit Content
  • Embed your favourite file types
  • Quickly access your files in Content Library
  • Promote sales, new menu items, or seasonal promotions
  • Upload directly through your browser
  • Override content in real time

Distribute and update
content on the Fly

  • Schedule distribution ahead of time
  • Preview content, Define play duration, and Sequence your creatives.
  • Distribute content in real-time to specific displays at different locations
  • Run your content online or offline
  • Publish with the click of a button

Manage Devices at scale

  • Group Screens by Location, campaign, and priority
  • Preview your content
  • Monitor proof-of-play
  • Get status updates in real time
  • Maintain enterprise-level control
  • Secure your data
  • Create fallback actions


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